National Wildlife Week in Canada

What You Need to Know

Created in 1947, National Wildlife Week in Canada was meant to honor the late Jack Miner. Considered the father of North American animal conservation, the Canadian parliament passed the “National Wildlife Week Act” to commemorate his efforts and success in bringing the Canadian goose back from the brink of extinction. It is observed annually on the week of April 10th, which is the birthday of Jack Miner.

More Information

The intention of National Wildlife Week is for various conservation organizations to bring awareness to efforts being made to preserve the Canadian wildlife population and encourage participation in these efforts. Some of these include various educational campaigns that teach residents of all ages about recycling, carbon footprint reduction, and how they can help at-risk species. They also encourage people to get out and enjoy the natural habitat these species occupy. In addition, many fundraising events are organized in order to raise funds to assist with the preservation and education efforts.


Due to increasing issues with urbanization, global warming, and irregular seasons, these efforts are more important than ever to prevent further habitat destruction and animal species extinction. Donations to these various organizations assist immensely to support ongoing education and preservation efforts.